Women Fucks For Profit & Influence: The Quinnspiracy

This seems to be the latest story hitting the interwebs….

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Huh? It’s not a new concept.
Women claims to be a victim of all sorts of drama, blames all her fuck ups on other people, take the moral high ground and then acts the complete opposite.
She preached from the top of the hill how sexism was rife, while fucking who knows how many people in the gaming industry.
And the endless drama of being harassed and vilified by all those evil people while she was a poor little sugar’n’nspice suffering terrible depression… and it seems just another feminist slut on a power trip.

But it does demonstrate the men in the saga didn’t care either, and happy to do her bidding as they were getting their dicks wet.
Such is the power of the pussy over most men.

Well there’s more details in the video below.


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