Who Wears The Pants At A Voice For Men?

After pointing out that AVFM’s feminist writer could not possibly know anything about the benefits or problems with PUAs and that her writing is confused jibberish, I duly got banned by another female that wears the pants at AVFM.

Sure there are some fakes and charlatans, but many PUA writers have great insight that would benefit any man, especially young men.
And the main focus is always on self improvement instead of bitching and whining.

Is Paul Elam really that desperate that he can find men to run his forum and site?
Have women become the voice for men and the MRA movement?

Are MRAs really such losers that women have become their voice?
And a voice that shames other men who are seeking to improve themselves, improve their social life, improve their value and lead a happier life?

Instead of encouraging men to take self improvement action AVFM’s writers seems to shame them.
Losers they are for wanting to improve their social life, their appearance and yes wanting to have sex with women.
PUAs tech men to be proud of the masculinity and sexuality, AVFM now teaches them to be shamed bitches.

The real losers are Paul Elam and his male followers as the women’s voice for men runs rings around them just as the other emasculating women in their lives did. Good luck with that.
“PUA” and “Game’ has never been my preferred term, but what it refers to is the only hope for men to improve their social lives, be happier, have lots of sex or just find someone who may be compatible for something longer than a fling.


AVFM FOr Women

Spoken like a true lady that has become the voice for men.

2 thoughts on “Who Wears The Pants At A Voice For Men?

  1. PUAs purchasers are dupes. Sellers are hucksters. Both are pussy beggars.

    You got banned because you’re an idiot.

    I don’t have tits and I run the joint.

  2. Every industry has it’s level of quality of products on the market.
    Which ones are you referring to?
    Which products have you used or tried?

    So your answer to them is having a feminist (or whatever she is this week) shaming men and calling them losers on a site called “A Voice For Men” for using products or services (many freely available) which she has no clue about, never used and clearly do not even apply to her.
    And that’s your version of helping men?
    Is that what you would call informed detailed article?
    What experience does she have to write about what benefits or otherwise can PUA (which is a rather generic term) writers/materials/websites and call anyone seeking out such information losers?

    What does AVFM offer beyond “Say goodbye to crazy”? Which seems aimed at married or LTR men.

    Most PUAs been preaching for decades stay away from bat shit crazy.
    Maybe those men now dealing crazy could’ve benefited if they at least read the freely available web posts and usenet going back to the 90s.

    Maybe should try and occasionally post some constructive articles that could at least make an effort at helping and preventing men from bad relationships.
    “Destroy the joint” is what feminists do because they rarely have anything positive or constructive to contribute. Just like AFVM it seems.

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