Money DOES Matter In PUA

Money DOES Matter In PUA

Anyone who says it doesn’t is jealous and or resentful of those that have it.
And given that 90% of the population is not financially independent and must work or rely on government handouts, it’s obvious the vast majority don’t have it.
And this is why most PUA blogs including Chateau Heartiste will not not admit it but will delete comments about it as well.
They appeal to the masses of men who will never be financial enough to make money matter.
And just like jezebel they don’t like upsetting their readers and will delete non conforming comments.

Is money everything in PUA?
Of course not, only a idiot would think that.

Is it important?
Fuck YES!

Is a flash car good?
Fuck YES
A Lamborghini is a pussy magnet

Try that using a shitbox car…
A beach house in Malibu?
A cool boat with a lounge, bar, fridge and beds?
It only doesn’t matter when you don’t have any!

But “How” you use it does make a big difference.
And this really applies to all money you spend interacting with women.
On this point the common manosphere paradigm applies.
Don’t buy her gifts, don’t spend the money on her.
Spend on yourself, spend it on things you can enjoy or do together, and never make a fuss about it.
Share with her, not spend for her.

Of course you can even go the “arrangement” route if you so wish, but that’s for another topic.

But do not delude yourself, sex has always been transactional.
If you have been lucky enough to be born with good looks, or dysfunctional and fucked up enough to be a real bad boy, then there is a large contingent of women who love the thrill of fucking bad boys.
Unfortunately this does not apply to most men, so they have to use other means.

The big thing in the Manosphere/PUA circles is status.
Real status comes from money and or fame. That’s it.
All else is fake. Chicks will see straight through it.
All isn’t lost if you don’t have the big $$, more on this topic soon.