Phoebe Moloney Falsely Accuses Neomasculinity As Rape Support

And article authored by Phoebe Moloney is making the rounds of Australian newspapers and facebook with an attached video calling for the sabotage of ROK’s masculinity meetings.

Phoebe does all she can to discredit Roosh’s satirical post about rape and the readers just swallow it hook line and sinker as the article is written so that the main message comes across as “Supporters of legal rape” are meeting in Sydney, Hyde Park.

The article appears across Fairfax media news sites such Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and others.

Also being relinked and spread by other journalists such as Timna Jacks, Ben Cubby, Nick Ralston, Eryk Bagshaw and Tory Shepherd.
The media is going in full spin over this as nobody questions what is written or check the sources.

The SJW will be coming out in force as the masses of macho white knights swallow the media bullshit.

Phoebe Moloney accuses ROK of supporting rape.

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