Just Say No!

That’s right it seems men have a real hard time saying no to anything a female tells you she wants something from you or you to do something for her.
No need to be upset, smile or smirk and say “No” or “Nahhh”.
Even if it’s “Get m some water/drink/whatever”.
You will be surprised at the response because it will be strong either way.
She may even act all huffy at first, and that’s a good sign because you have now moved out of her predictability pigeon hole.
She may even not be as friendly and flirty, but you now know why she did it.
She WILL normally test you on it, just in case you’re having a weird day or she thinks you’re drunk (yes I’ve seen that), so repeat it if need be and stick to it.

It’s amazing how people just say yes without thinking too much about it. We are conditioned to naturally do something or a favor for another human being if it’s not too much trouble.
Unfortunately these days it makes men who never say “no” like pussywhipped wimps. Women think you’re just another beta orbiter (she calls friends) who exists for the sole purpose of doing stuff for her.

So next time just say “No” to her.

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