She Confessed She Was In A Threesome

What do you do when your girlfriend, fiance or even wife confesses to you that she was once in a threesome?
Why would she ever say that?
Well It’s most probably because she has being feeling guilty about it for a long time, and end up doing what a lot of women do naturally in today’s modern society.

She transfers her problem to a man.
A huge weight comes off her shoulders as the problem that was tormenting her for a long time is now…YOURS.
Of course she will say that she wants to be honest and truthful and wants to tell you everything, but deep down she knows it’s no longer her problem, but yours.

Now it’s your problem to grapple with as you decide to keep her or ditch her.
And if you do, she will most likely hold it against you and absolve herself of throwing a grenade in your relationship.
Wondering why she never said anything before and maybe suddenly just before your engagement or even wedding feels the need to tell you.
Well if it’s before a wedding, you may be lucky.
And still be in time to make an informed decision.
If it does not bother you, then all is good.

If it does bother you, as it probably would many, then you have to postpone any commitment and workout how you are going to deal with it.
And of course I would not recommend taking a light approach to any further commitment of any type other than casual.

Campbell’s Soup Knows You Can’t Rely On Women

Yep, even Campbell’s soup know that there’s no point relying on a woman to do anything for you.
Having a woman as CEO (Denise Morrison), they clearly understand that the dynamic of marriage and long term relationships with women is that if you want something done, do it yourself.
You must provide for them, not the other way round.

#RealRealLife in case it’s not yet obvious is that most women, especially ones like the one in the ad, are not worth committing to in any type of relationship.

The correct thing for him to do is call an old girlfriend or a girl that has shown interest and invite her over for some nice warm soup and wine.

Money DOES Matter In PUA

Money DOES Matter In PUA

Anyone who says it doesn’t is jealous and or resentful of those that have it.
And given that 90% of the population is not financially independent and must work or rely on government handouts, it’s obvious the vast majority don’t have it.
And this is why most PUA blogs including Chateau Heartiste will not not admit it but will delete comments about it as well.
They appeal to the masses of men who will never be financial enough to make money matter.
And just like jezebel they don’t like upsetting their readers and will delete non conforming comments.

Is money everything in PUA?
Of course not, only a idiot would think that.

Is it important?
Fuck YES!

Is a flash car good?
Fuck YES
A Lamborghini is a pussy magnet

Try that using a shitbox car…
A beach house in Malibu?
A cool boat with a lounge, bar, fridge and beds?
It only doesn’t matter when you don’t have any!

But “How” you use it does make a big difference.
And this really applies to all money you spend interacting with women.
On this point the common manosphere paradigm applies.
Don’t buy her gifts, don’t spend the money on her.
Spend on yourself, spend it on things you can enjoy or do together, and never make a fuss about it.
Share with her, not spend for her.

Of course you can even go the “arrangement” route if you so wish, but that’s for another topic.

But do not delude yourself, sex has always been transactional.
If you have been lucky enough to be born with good looks, or dysfunctional and fucked up enough to be a real bad boy, then there is a large contingent of women who love the thrill of fucking bad boys.
Unfortunately this does not apply to most men, so they have to use other means.

The big thing in the Manosphere/PUA circles is status.
Real status comes from money and or fame. That’s it.
All else is fake. Chicks will see straight through it.
All isn’t lost if you don’t have the big $$, more on this topic soon.

Just Say No!

That’s right it seems men have a real hard time saying no to anything a female tells you she wants something from you or you to do something for her.
No need to be upset, smile or smirk and say “No” or “Nahhh”.
Even if it’s “Get m some water/drink/whatever”.
You will be surprised at the response because it will be strong either way.
She may even act all huffy at first, and that’s a good sign because you have now moved out of her predictability pigeon hole.
She may even not be as friendly and flirty, but you now know why she did it.
She WILL normally test you on it, just in case you’re having a weird day or she thinks you’re drunk (yes I’ve seen that), so repeat it if need be and stick to it.

It’s amazing how people just say yes without thinking too much about it. We are conditioned to naturally do something or a favor for another human being if it’s not too much trouble.
Unfortunately these days it makes men who never say “no” like pussywhipped wimps. Women think you’re just another beta orbiter (she calls friends) who exists for the sole purpose of doing stuff for her.

So next time just say “No” to her.