Burden Of Performance Is For Betas

In The Rational Male’s post Burden Of Performance Rollo explores the concept that men always have to pay a price for pussy.
The concept is old as the hills “The price Of Pussy” though Rollo keeps coming up with new ways to rehash what men have known for millenia.

But when the dynamic of AlphaFucks/BetaBucks is introduced, than any burden of performance is beta as it’s just negotiating desire.
And thus any married man is either beta or will soon be. The only exceptions, as usual, being those with nothing to lose.
Being told “here’s the keys you drive” by you wife is just another emasculating burden of BetaBucks and chores required to earn your way and qualify yourself for her.

All this red pill talk is mostly true, but when it comes to practice most are still deferring to their wives and just trying to make most of the situation.
There is no more blue pillers than married men with daughters.
Rollo, Athol, Underwood etc etc are all great and very insightful in what they write but are also blue pillers living under the burden of performance of their wive’s marriage.
Yes the wife owns the marriage and they must dance to their tune.
Defining this is alpha is an oximoron.
Married men are beta, or will eventually be.

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