Do Not Rely On Prenups!

As much as I love reading Good Looking Loser I don’t think he understands how weak prenups can actually be.
As soon as assets previously held start getting intermingled it’s pretty much gone out the window.

For some security assets must be owned before marriage, held in separate financial structures and never intermingled with personal or jointly owned anything.
Offshore is even better.
All of this needs to be done beforehand, preferably long before you ever met her.

This is not intended to be advice, just an opinion based on what I’ve seen.
But do talk to a lawyer experienced in such matters about this stuff if you have done well for yourself.
Do not rely on the internet for this.

Burden Of Performance Is For Betas

In The Rational Male’s post Burden Of Performance Rollo explores the concept that men always have to pay a price for pussy.
The concept is old as the hills “The price Of Pussy” though Rollo keeps coming up with new ways to rehash what men have known for millenia.

But when the dynamic of AlphaFucks/BetaBucks is introduced, than any burden of performance is beta as it’s just negotiating desire.
And thus any married man is either beta or will soon be. The only exceptions, as usual, being those with nothing to lose.
Being told “here’s the keys you drive” by you wife is just another emasculating burden of BetaBucks and chores required to earn your way and qualify yourself for her.

All this red pill talk is mostly true, but when it comes to practice most are still deferring to their wives and just trying to make most of the situation.
There is no more blue pillers than married men with daughters.
Rollo, Athol, Underwood etc etc are all great and very insightful in what they write but are also blue pillers living under the burden of performance of their wive’s marriage.
Yes the wife owns the marriage and they must dance to their tune.
Defining this is alpha is an oximoron.
Married men are beta, or will eventually be.

Caitlin Shows Her Tits For Attention NSFW

When a woman wants attention and has run out of options she will show her tits or go sexual.
So whoever Caitlin is, she has decided to tell the world how powerful women are by putting naked pictures on her website.
Even popular artists like Madonna, Brittney, Christina, Miley etc have done the same.
So to cure the malaise of obscurity and irrelevance Caitlin goes nude.

This is the type of mentality of the western woman calling themselves “feminist”, almost all of them.
The only thing that matters is them, the attention they get and whatever form of validation she requires at that moment.
Does your girlfriend have these tendencies?
If so you could be in for a world of hurt.

She see herself as a strong feminist of course, until you read her words and realize she’s just an insecure nutcase continually contradicting herself.

Some of her quotes:

“I was given gender neutral toys but for the most part I opted for barbies, toy kitchens, lovely little dresses,”
Yep, female is not a social construct.

“I am in a somewhat open relationship with the love of my life.”
Lol If your girlfriend wants to fuck other guys, she’s a slut. Never commit or have children with her.

“Where do you feel unsafe as a woman?
It may seem dramatic but everywhere.”

But she said she was powerful….

“I felt myself offering myself up to please them, even if I was utterly repulsed or disinterested and I would often fake my orgasms.”

So she would have and fuck guys she was repulsed by, there’s a lesson here.

“How have you dealt with conflict?
By flipping out & raging.”

This is often called batshit crazy. Men should keep there distance from these types.

“A mother and father can be combined in one individual & I think gendered parenting is on the out.”
This is what produces dysfunctional kids set up for failure in life. Does your girlfriend say this kind of stuff?

“It sickens me to have to admit to feeling secure when I’m with a man”

Maybe because she is so powerful lol
But this is the sort of craziness that is now considered normal by woman.
No shame, have it not both ways but all ways and any way she wants.
If the women you are dating talk like this, never commit anything to them.

Below is the url to her nude pic which she wants the to show the world.

I have no clue who she is but clearly her popularity is declining and is using the power of her pussy to regain some